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A customer wanted to see our Mini Concrete Batch plant in action so we loaded the bin up with number 1 small stones and ran it. It emptied in less the 45 seconds
Portable, Mobile or permanent Concrete Batch Plants

Need a batch plant to load your MiniMax Concrete Mixer? Or if you have your own small concrete Mixer Truck or Trailer we will build you a batch plant so you can make your own concrete. Use these batching plants on your jobs, for your small concrete delivery business or take it to your hard to get to locations to mix your own. With the cost of fuel rising, the short load charges are digging in to your profit margin.

Mini Concrete delivery businesses are popping up across the country as the big yards increase their minimum orders. The economy is struggling to come back and you have to fight for jobs in this struggling industry.

Don't waste anymore time. Start your own concrete delivery business and we are here to help you by supplying all the equipment you need to get going. Do it today! 

This batch plant  is a 22 foot long troughing conveyor with a one yard hopper. It can be made a 2 yard just by adding 22 inch side on to it.  It runs off a 7HP gas operated pony motor and can be plumbed for water so you can inject it in to the mix. This one is mounted on an axle with a trailer hitch.
Our newest product is still in the design phase. The idea is to make it easy to load small mixers with dry concrete material to add to mixers. Right here you can see it is set up for a forklift. Load it on the ground and lift above the charge hopper, open door on bottom and it flows right in to the mixer, Finish adding water while charging the mix and your on the way. You could use this on construction site to mix dry material for loading of for wet concrete to get load closer to where you need it. Use machinery instead of wheelbarrows and manual labor.  

Another design for this one yard batch bin will to be on an adjustable stand to make it a free standing unit. Hydraulic or manual gate to release dry or wet concrete.            A hook attachment can be added at the top so it can be lifted by a crane or any equipment with a chain. What ever idea you have for this we can do it.

View the images below and send us your ideas or a quote on your design. We are always looking to make your job easier and will custom fabricate your ideas for you.
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