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Our signature Mini Concrete Mixer is the two-yard mixer, perfect for the concrete contractor tired of paying the big  concrete companies for short loads. These skid units fit on the back of your truck as long as they are along the lines of an  F-450/550.  We have designed these for the smaller trucks for the ease of taking them anywhere. Pour sidewalks,  driveway skirts, patios, cool decking around pools, pads for additions, storage sheds and small additions.

The hydraulics are state of the art, designed exclusively for the two-yard mixer unit, using a top of the line Sauer Pump and an Auburn Planetary Gear box with speed controls, and reverse drive for dumping out of the chutes.

The 65 gallon water tank is powered by an inline 12-volt pump rated at 50 psi. Made by FLOJET 

This is the only two-yard, skid-mounted concrete mixer manufactured in the Americas. 
minimax concrete small concrete mixers the future in concrete delivery
Are you tired of this happening to you?
Trying to save a few bucks by renting one of these concrete mixer trailers and an inexperienced driver can't back it up correctly,  then runs it into a ditch?  Now you have a yard or two of concrete sitting in the trailer while you wait for a tow truck to pull it out?

You need a MiniMax II, 2-Yard Mini Concrete Mixer for your small deliveries.

These trailers were a good idea but their time is past. Now you can have a MiniMaxII fully functional mini concrete truck that you can drive right up to your job, reverse the drum and discharge the concrete vs dumping the concrete from a trailer with no control of the flow.

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mini small concrete mixer
mini concrete mixer truck
small concrete truck
mini concrete mixer truck
2 yard concrete truck
loading 2 yard cement mixer
mini concrete truck
mini concrete mixer truck
mini concrete mixer truck
Extension Chute added to top of Charge Hopper brings the mixer right up to the height needed to load at the big yards.
Once fully loaded at the Concrete Yard, simply pull forward, wash down, Remove the Extension Chute and drive off.
Well don't drive off without paying for your load. They will not allow you back.
small concrete batch plant
We specialize in the manufacture of Half, One, Two and Three Yard, fully-functional, reverse discharge concrete mixer units, that can be mounted on the back of a heavy-duty truck.  It comes with a power pack which includes a pony motor and hydraulic unit, or you can pony it up to your truck's engine if it has a central hydraulic system.  

Our mixers are especially advantageous because you can eliminate the need to mix concrete by hand, avoid the short load delivery charge, there is no waiting on your delivery, or receiving the tail end of larger loads from suppliers, and because it is lightweight, it helps prevent costly landscape repairs.

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                   mixers here
mini concrete truck
            1/2 yard mixer 
     mounted on a C-3500
Two-yard mixer mounted on a diesel 
Portable, Mobile or permanent Concrete Batch Plants

Need a batch plant to load your MiniMax Concrete Mixer? Or if you have your own small concrete Mixer Truck or Trailer we will build you a batch plant so you can make your own concrete. Use these batching plants on your jobs, for your small concrete delivery business or take it to your hard to get to locations to mix your own. With the cost of fuel rising, the short load charges are digging in to your profit margin. 

Don't waste anymore time. Start your own concrete delivery business and we are here to help you by supplying all the equipment you need to get going. Do it today! 

We can and will build you any size mixer you need. We are a full welding and fabrication facility specializing in Concrete mixer parts and replacement drums. Just let us know what you need and we will do it for you.
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