Custom-Built Two & Three-Yard Mixers
The Future of Concrete Delivery

minimax concrete small concrete mixers the future in concrete delivery
Trying to save a few bucks by renting one of these concrete mixer trailers and an inexperienced driver can't back it up correctly,  then runs it into a ditch? Now you have a yard or two of concrete sitting in the trailer while you wait for a tow truck to pull it out?

You need the Mini-Mixer for your small deliveries!

These trailers' time is past. Now you can have a Mini-Mixer II fully functional mini concrete truck that you can drive right up to your job, reverse the drum and discharge the concrete vs dumping the concrete from a trailer with no control of the flow.

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Mini-Mixer LLC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and specializes in the manufacture of one, two and three-yard, fully-functional, reverse discharge concrete mixer units that can be mounted onto the chassis of a heavy-duty truck.  It comes with a power pack which includes a pony motor and hydraulic unit, or you can pony it up to your truck's engine if it has a central hydraulic system.  

Our mixers are especially advantageous because you can eliminate the need to mix concrete by hand, avoid the short load delivery charge, there is no waiting on your delivery, or receiving the tail end of larger loads from suppliers, and because it is lightweight, it helps prevent costly landscape repairs. Pour sidewalks, driveway skirts, patios, cool decking around pools, pads for additions, storage sheds and small additions.

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